When the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Matilda is the only platform on the market that connects all aspects of the meal process, allowing you to manage your operations towards your goals at every stage, from procurement and purchasing to meal planning, preparation, and service.

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Food accounts for nearly a third of the world's carbon dioxide emissions. How can your organization reduce its carbon footprint?


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Awareness of how food and diet impact health is growing. The food service industry plays a crucial role in the transition to a healthier, more sustainable society

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Food purchases often represent around 40% of the total costs in a meal organization. With increased knowledge and insights into data, you can make smarter decisions and operate more efficiently.

What is Food Service Resource Management (FSRM)?

Food Service Resource Management refers to digital support systems for everyone involved in and around a meal service operation. Just as an ERP system is critical for controlling an organization's finances, FSRM is an essential ingredient for working in an environmentally friendly, traceable, and transparent manner.

The only platform that digitizes the entire meal process

No more loose ends. Matilda FSRM (Food Service Resource Management) brings together all processes, users, and data in one secure platform. Just as a meal is composed of various ingredients, we have composed multiple digital tools that together form a flavorful whole

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Everyone involved in the meal process - from procurement, purchasing, and planning to production, service, and monitoring - uses the same digital platform with tools tailored to each function. Always with a focus on simplicity, efficiency, and security.

"Matilda is the heart of our entire work, from meal planning to delivery, control, and monitoring, the whole chain. Food waste was reduced by a whopping 70% thanks to the new meal concept. The money that used to be thrown away is now used to improve the quality of the food."

Linda Hagdahl, Meal Operations Developer at SÖS, Sweden

Digitalized meals help you achieve your goals

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Regardless of whether your organization's goals are related to sustainability, finances, or customer satisfaction, digitalization is the key to measuring, monitoring, and effectively working towards those goals. However, to gain an overview and control over the entire process, it's essential to digitize every step from A to Z.

Without an interconnected platform, it's as if one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. It's of no use if your procurement department sources organic food in line with your goals, only for the operations to order something entirely different. Or if the kitchen's forecasts are based on outdated data for the number of diners, causing food waste to skyrocket along with costs.

Discover a better way. With Matilda FSRM, you get a digital platform for the entire meal process.


"With Matilda, we've truly streamlined our work. Now we can manage the work in the diet kitchen with two people instead of four."

- Mikael Hulterström, Group Manager, Diet, Region Örebro, Sweden

Why Matilda FSRM?

  • Connecting the Entire Meal Process
    Our comprehensive platform ensures transparency and control over the entire meal process, allowing you to drive efficiency and track important goals at every stage.

  • One Supplier, One Agreement, One Support Team
    You get a digitalization partner for all your meal organization needs. We take ownership of the entire platform, and you have a single support contact for all tools.

  • We're Specialists in Digitalized Meals
    Our team consists of experienced nutritionists, dietitians, and chefs who are passionate about healthier, sustainable, and digitalized meals. When you become a Matilda customer, you gain access to expert knowledge and guidance from industry professionals.

  • A Secure and Robust Platform
    Our platform has been scrutinized by some of the most rigorous organizations in IT security. Together with our customers, we continually develop our solutions to meet all security requirements. And, of course, we help you integrate Matilda with your organization's other IT systems.

  • We Have Many Customers Who Are Eager to Share
    700 meal organizations, both public and private, in Sweden and internationally, use Matilda's digitalized meal platform. Through our user forum, you gain knowledge, experiences, and tips so that we can all work even more efficiently and sustainably.

Explore Matilda FSRM

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Matilda Meal planning system

With Matilda in the kitchen, you gain control of the whole meal process, from purchasing and recipes to serving and waste.

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Mashie Meal planning system

Digitalise the meal process quickly and easily with a solution designed for users regardless of previous computer experience. Discover Mashie.

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Dankost Pro

Dankost Pro makes it quick, easy and straightforward to update and maintain declarations that comply with the Food Labelling Regulation.

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cloudMenu is the recipe for comfortable, transparent and sustainable economising in commercial kitchens. More time for the important things, like your guests.

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Matilda Food Safety

With digital checklists and reminders, Matilda creates security and traceability throughout the entire food service chain.

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