Food Safety

Ensuring the meals in terms of nutritional content, costs, special diets and climate impact is a complex and time-consuming process. A digital solution for diet planning is a prerequisite for minimising manual work and provides great savings in time and money - while improving quality and goal follow-up.

In combination with food procurement and self-monitoring, it provides full control over all steps in the meal process, everything from procurement, planning, production, serving and follow-up.

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Routine descriptions, checklists and reminders are easily accessible on both computer and mobile devices.

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Routines around food safety for your organisation are made clear and it is easy for both kitchen staff and management to check that the routines are followed.

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Save time

Clear routines and reminders make it quick for users to report directly on their mobile phone, tablet or computer. Do away with binders and post-it notes.

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Facilitate control

As all information is readily available, it is easy to report during a control.

Increased food safety

In order to be able to maintain good food safety, it is necessary that the business is aware of the risks that exist, that safety routines are created, that they are checked carefully and followed up regularly. In order to maintain this, there are principles that must be followed according to HACCP. 

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Easy to do right

Routine descriptions, checklists and reminders are easily accessible on both computers and mobile devices. We know that those who are experts in meal operations are not always experts in IT, nor should they be.

A user friendly system works with role-controlled interfaces so that your meal heroes only get access to the selected functions that they need, designed in a user-friendly interface. In other words, minimal training and prior knowledge is required.

Save time doing the right things

Save time by focusing on the right things. Self-monitoring should not take time, it should be simple and just work, both for the users who perform the checks and for the administrator to set routines and follow up for the entire food service organisation.

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