Dankost Pro

Dankost Pro makes it quick, easy and straightforward to update and maintain declarations that comply with the Food Labelling Regulation.

Dankost 800
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Ongoing measurements and follow-ups throughout the meal process. Increased knowledge of exactly where in the process the loss occurs provides significant savings.

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Increased sustainability

Make climate-smart food choices. Each raw material shows its environmental impact, including transport. Change ingredients and quickly see how the climate improves.

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More for less

Cost efficiency, automate and optimize. Give everyone an overview of the costs. Reduce costs by up to 20 percent.

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Correct nutritional value. With calculated nutritional values, each group of the eating guests receives their special diets at each serving.

How Dankost Pro works – step by step

Professional food production and food and meal management require basic planning and smart use of resources. Success here requires a tool that can manage all resources and at the same time provide control over production and a clear overview of every stage.

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Kvalitetssikringen af næringsdeklarationer

Quality assurance of nutrition declarations

Declaration & Labeling has been specifically developed for the food industry and is your quality assurance tool for nutrition declarations, datasheets and specifications. Dankost Pro makes it quick, easy and straightforward to update and maintain declarations that comply with the Food Labelling Regulation.

Recipes and declarations

Declaration & Labeling is our solution for food producers and contains all the functions you need for managing recipes and declarations – from ingredients all the way to the finished product on the shelf. Recipes and declarations can be changed in one single place, so you no longer need to update and maintain data in several different documents and systems that were not designed to manage declarations.

Declarations in line with current legislation

Declaration & Labeling enables you to prepare declarations in line with current legislation in several languages for export, adapt for private label, perform QUID labelling with allergens indicated in declarations, calculate waste, add packaging by type and weight by product, price and calculate a product, prepare datasheets and specifications using your own logo and design, calculate CO2 and much more.

Hvorfor skal du vælge Dankost Pro

  • Time to market

  • Comply with the Food Labelling Regulation

  • Maintain declarations in a single place

  • Documentation

  • Save time

  • QUID labelling

  • Easily adapt for private label

  • Standard declaration in several languages

  • Quality assurance

This solution is currently only available in Denmark. Please contact our sales team for more information.

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