Empowering a
sustainable food
service industry
One plate at a time

The food service industry is under pressure

Pressure to meet environmental obligations, to cater for diverse dietary needs, to be transparent when it comes to food sourcing and nutritional benefits. And all this while demonstrating efficiency savings, increasing profitability, and staying ahead in a competitive marketplace.

The data you need to do this is available, but it’s spread over hundreds of disconnected sources - and you don’t have time to join the dots.

That’s why Matilda FoodTech has created Matilda - an intuitive, innovative FSRM (Food Service Resource Management) platform that solves all these challenges. A single, intuitive business platform that lets you make better business decisions. Letting you find answers, not just ask questions.

Who are we?

At Matilda FoodTech we understand the food service industry - we know the pressures that you face and just how little time you have to solve the challenges.

For the past 37 years, we’ve worked with numerous businesses to find successful outcomes, helping them to find sanity in an increasingly complex chain from food source to customer.

The industry is evolving
- are you ready?

Businesses - in every industry - are facing a new reality. Environmental credibility is now a key business driver, with customers demanding a proactive approach at every level - and voting with their wallets.

Governments have finally begun to regulate, with legislation introducing ambitious targets for businesses. The EU’s Agenda 2030 has goals which specifically impact the food industry, with tough new standards for everything from food waste to CO2 emissions.

The good news? Matilda is a ‘win-win’ futureproofing solution for the food service industry - helping businesses navigate the maze of regulatory compliance, while ensuring that quality is improved and costs reduced.

Want to learn more about how we can help revolutionize your food service operations?